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A complex plugin to create skilltrees for RPG Maker MV · By Felski


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Reset trees refund bugfix
Heyho, just a quick bug fix. Best regards, Felski Changelog: v1.3.1 - fixed the RESETTECHTREE and RESETTECHTREES refund bug. It should refund or not refund acco...
1 file
Support for skill trainers and level requirements.
Hey everybody, I just uploaded a new update for the plugin. You can now open the skill tree in display or edit mode. This can be used with skill trainers. There...
4 files
Tree Builder Bugfix
Heyho, I just updated the Tree Builder App. The following changed: fixed a bug, so that Skills can be maintained again added a load button to directly load a Te...
1 file
Multiple Item Bug Fix
Hello everybody! It seems that I forgot to publish this blog post and didn't notice for 25 days. Well, anyway, here it is: This update just contains two bug fix...
1 file
Crash Bug Fix
Heyho, I finally got around to figure out one of the remaining crashes for the plugin and fixed it. The crash was related to classes having trees assigned that...
1 file
Stats and TreeBuilder App Update
Hi everybody, I just released a major update for the plugin. With this version the plugin scene has a new window on the top right corner which shows the major c...
3 files
Minor Update: Animations
Hi folks, I just released a new update! You can now define animations to be played whenever a node is activated. You just define a default animation to be playe...
2 files
Major Update: Class Skilltrees
v1.1.0 Bugfixes: increased performance for the techtree windows. changed how images are loaded, so they should load more consitently and without errors. Minor C...
2 files