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This plugin is a complex skill tree plugin. It allows you to create multiple skill trees for actors and classes.

To unlock nodes the party has to spend currency or items. You also need to unlock the nodes in order.

Not only learns the actor skills when activating a node of the skill tree, you can also change switches or run common events.

It's highly customizeable with sizes, margins and fonts for tree nodes. You can also define background images and animations.

With animations, you can not only play the animation effect, but also flash the screen or play sound effects.

There is also a editor for the skill trees!

See the plugin and the demo for more infos.




Copyright (C) 2018 Felski

These plugins may be used in free or commercial games.
'Felski' must be given credit in your games.
You are allowed to edit the code.
Do NOT claim the plugins as your own.
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Install instructions

How to use

You need to provide a Techtrees.json file. Check the demo for a working techtree. I've also added a JSON Schema and a JSON Editor thanks to https://github.com/json-editor/json-editor. Additionally you need to add a tree to an actor or class by adding the uids of the trees via notetags: 


You can alter the system look by changing the files in /img/system/techtree.


TreeBuilder App 817 kB
v1.2.2 Plugin file 164 kB
v1.2.0 Demo 94 MB
v1.1.1 Demo 103 MB
v1.1.0 Demo 42 MB
v1.0.2 Demo 51 MB
v1.0.1 Demo 30 MB
v1.0.0 Demo 22 MB

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