Stats and TreeBuilder App Update

Hi everybody,

I just released a major update for the plugin. With this version the plugin scene has a new window on the top right corner which shows the major currencys the player has. Additionally, you can now change the main stats (like HP or Attack) of you characters via the  skilltree.

The more programming oriented users can now add custom javascript code to the skilltree nodes.

I also updated the TreeBuilder App to be less cluttered and more userfriendly. You can find it as a separate download or in the demo files.

Full patch notes:

v1.2.0 Bugfixes:

  • fixed an autowrap bug in the tree description in the tree selecting window.
  • fixed a bug with autowrap. Autowrap now uses the fontsize for the lineheight so it properly scales different fontsizes.
  • fixed a bug where the plugin would break when a not existing parent node was referenced. A console warning is shown now instead.

Major Changes:

  • added the feature to increase/decrease stats (max HP, max MP, Attack, Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Agility and Luck) on node activation.
    • added plugin parameters for stat changes handling for class changes.
    • added corresponding options to the techtree builder app.
  • added the feature to run custom javascript code on node activation and deactivation.
    • added plugin parameters for custom javascript code handling for class changes.
    • added corresponding options to the techtree builder app.
  • added a header window that shows the current amount of currency (like gold or JP).
    • you can define up to 5 currencys that are shown here per tree.
    • added the corresponding option to the techtree builder app for gold, jp and specific items.
    • added a font plugin parameters for the currency window. See Header Settings.

Minor Changes:

  • added a new parameter "Node Border Width" in the Node Visual Settings.
    • this parameter is used for the graphical border of a node. That way overlapping text can be prevented.
  • added the feature to use icons in all descriptions of the plugin. This feature also works for skill descriptions.
    • to add icons to the skill tree descriptions you need to use \\i[iconIndex] within the description.
    • to add icons to the skill description use \i[iconIndex] within the description of the skill in the RPG Maker MV database. This only affects the skill tree windows.
  • added the option to show an icon for learned nodes instead of the costs.
    • you can activate this by setting the "Node Show Learned Icon" plugin parameter to true.
    • you can change the icon shown by changing the "Node Show Learned Icon ID" plugin parameter.
  • added a new parameter "Hide Node Cost" in the Node Options.
    • with this parameter you can hide the costs in the tree overview for all nodes.
    • the costs still appear in the confirmation window.
  • added the plugin command ACTIVATENODE [actorId] [tree uid] [node uid].
    • it can be used to unlock a specific node in a tree for an actor.
  • added the plugin command DEACTIVATENODE [actorId] [tree uid] [node uid].
    • it can be used to reset a specific node in a tree for an actor.
    • all skill will be forgotton
    • all stats removed
    • all switches toggled
    • onDeactivate evals will be run
    • common events will not run again
    • this affects deactivating nodes using plugin commands
  • changed the plugin command RESETTECHTREES [actorId] [refund].
    • it now has the option to refund the costs for the actor. 
    • you cannot use this plugin command together with class changes.
  • changed the plugin command RESETTECHTREE [actorId] [tree uid] [refund].
    • it now has the option to refund the costs for the actor. 

Tree Builder App Changes:

  • added Main Cost Items to the techtree builder.
    • you can define item ids here that will be shown as currency for the tree. This is a visual thing only and doesn't affect any mechanics.
  • added "Don't show gold currency for this tree?" option to the techtree builder.
    • you can decide wheter you want to show gold for this tree or not.
  • added "Don't show Jobpoints (JP) currency for this tree?" option to the techtree builder.
    • you can decide wheter you want to show gold for this tree or not.
  • added "Stat Changes" to the On Activate part of a node in the techtree builder.
    • you can define stat increases for a node here.
  • removed some cluttering options from the tree editor. To reactivate them see options.


v1.2.0 Plugin file 164 kB
Jan 22, 2019
v1.2.0 Demo 94 MB
Jan 22, 2019
TreeBuilder App 788 kB
Jan 22, 2019



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This looks great Felski! I especially like the showing the available currencies in a window. I'm about to download this update now. 

I was just reading about the added stat options in this update and was wondering if it was now possible to create a skill tree for each actor with one node for each each parameter and upon activation the parameter would increase but the node would deactivate and the actor would keep the altered parameter? Also is it possible to increase the cost of a node each time it has been activated? I seen there is some .js options in the plugin and maybe that's what I need. I have no experience in that area though.

Thanks for a great update Felski! Keep up the great work.

Hi Gumbanomicon,

thanks for the feedback. I didn't added any functions that you described to the nodes. As of now, you can only activate a node once and then that's it.

I investigated the options to implement such features like multiple activations and different costs etc. All of the things we talked about in other topics. But overall it would be to much of a change of how the plugin works. It would fully prevent backwards compatibility for older trees and be to much work in my opinion. That's why I have decided to not implement it and not follow this path.

Overall I think the plugin is finished, but I will monitor any bug reports and release bug fixes if needed. But I don't think I will work on any new features in the near future.

Best regards,

Thanks for the explanation. I totally understand. The integrity of the plugin should come first. I was just trying find a better way to implement stat upgrades for actors. I am currently using a system that uses skills and variables to accomplish this but its slow and cumbersome.  Will you be working on any future plugins for RPG Maker MV or was this the only one?

Thanks for everything, you made a positive impact on my game.

I have a few ideas for future plugins that I want to release. Stay tuned.

Thanks, I will.