Major Update: Class Skilltrees



  • increased performance for the techtree windows.
  • changed how images are loaded, so they should load more consitently and without errors.

Minor Changes:

  • split up the tree window into 3 windows. An info window, a header window and a window for the tree itself.
  • you can now select another tree using the header window.
  • added a parameter to toggle preloading of the tree when selecting it in the header window.
  • added font and other parameters for the header window.
  • added a parameter to change the message that is shown when an actor has no trees available.
  • added a step by step guide to the help

Major Changes:

  • you can now bind skilltrees to classes.
  • an actor can have skilltrees from himself and from his class.
  • skilltrees bound to the actor will always be available.
  • skilltrees bound to the class will only be available when the actor has the class.
  • on class change, the actor will forget all skills he learnt from the old skill tree(s). This can be changed with a plugin parameter.
  • on class change, the actor will relearn all skills from the new skill tree(s), if there are already active nodes in the tree. So switching back to a class will relearn the skills.
  • on class change, all switches that have been set on or off will be set off or on. This happend for the old and the new skill tree(s).
  • activated nodes in a skill tree will remain on class change. So when the player changes back, the nodes are still active. This can be changed with a plugin parameter.
  • on class change, the common events will not be triggered again.
  • added the above mentioned plugin parameters.


V1.1.0 Plugin file 130 kB
Oct 15, 2018
v1.1.0 Demo 42 MB
Oct 15, 2018



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Hey guys, happy to release this change. If you run into any issues, please let me know.