Backgrounds and bug fixes

Changelog V1.0.2

  • fixed an error that the plugin wouldn't work, when a not existing tech tree was referenced in notetags.
  • added a warning when a tree is referenced in the notetags that isn't in the Techtree.json.
  • added the ability to set custom background for trees and single nodes. This is done via the Techtree.json.
  • added a folder for techtree backgrounds at ../img/system/techtree/bgimg/. All background images need to go there.
  • updated the json schema for the techtree editor for custom backgrounds.
  • added a plugin command to add a techtree to an actor.


V1.0.2 Plugin file 105 kB
Sep 30, 2018
v1.0.2 Demo 51 MB
Sep 30, 2018


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