Compatibility with Yanfly's save core + options


I added a small compatibility update so the plugin works properly with Yanfly's Save Core. You can now properly load autosaves while ingame. Additionally I added a plugin parameter to disable the autosave feature.

A user asked about compatibility with Yanfly's Option Core plugin. This plugin actually allows you to run coding on your own to alter plugins. So here are the three variables that save the most important parts that the player might want to change:

  • Felski.AUTOSAVE.onMapChange = Save After Map Change
  • Felski.AUTOSAVE.onMenuExit = Save On Menu Exit
  • Felski.AUTOSAVE.enableAutosave = Enable Auto Saving

To change these via the Options Core plugin just add a new option category and add three options. For each option add the following line at the end of the function Process OK Code:

Felski.AUTOSAVE.enableAutosave = !value;

Change the variable according to the list above.

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Apr 01, 2019


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